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Razor J 6.08.24Jozie 6.09.24Sniper 5.29.24Kaya and Shiloh 5.22.24Rigby 5.19.24Venice and Mia 5.19.24Sammi 5.11.24Jimmy and Annabelle 4.07.24Yanks 4.14.24Caramel 3.27.24Cooper 4.07.24Nels 3.23.24Hawken Jager Beau 3.10.24Mona Buddy Sunday 2.19.24Casey 2.09.24Rain 1.27.24Angel Raven Bentley 1.13.24Snowball (16) 12.16.23Tyson 12.17.23Cassie and Archie 12.09.23Yuki 12.08.23Coop and Knox 12.09.23Turkey 12.02.23Kevin 11.25.23Maya and Nova 11.18.23Hazel (12) 11.18.23Tim Calvin Quinn Corbin 11.16.23Bella (12) 11.15.23Henry and Libby 11.09.23Briley 11.18.23Poppie and Peanut 11.09.23Maverick Tucker Harley 10.23.23Kira (13) and Bailee (10) 10.22.23Tucker (1st Birthday) 10.22.23Daisy and Boh 10.14.23Lucy Peggy Sue Finnegan Libby Willow Sadie 10.21.23Gracie and Archie 9.28.23Molly Stella Flynn Charlie 9.20.23Cozy 9.24.23Genevieve and Gazpacho 9.09.23Gypsy 8.25.23Walter 8.16.23Toots 8.11.23Ginger Rogers 7.27.23Winston Addie Decker Yeti Birdie Fig 7.22.23Murphy 7.15.23Daisy Levi Stella 6.24.23Marni 6.17.23Bailey 6.03.23Neeva and Zuri 6.03.23Tucker 5.20.23Ruger 5.27.23Dusty (14) 5.07.23Diesel Rose (13) 5.06.23Yeti 5.10.23Sydney (10) and Sadie (6) 4.22.23Cheese (16) and Winnie 4.19.23Oliver 5.02.23Alvin 4.22.23Ludwig (SOHO) 5.01.23Mousse 4.08.23Benson and Kya 4.08.23Trevor and Indy 4.06.23Penny 4.05.23Arya 3.31.23Hammie 3.25.23Murdock Emmett Sierra 3.18.23Patty Gilly Odie 3.01.23Memphis and Presley 2.25.23Lucas (Dukie) and Holly 3.08.23Leah (and Danielle) 2.25.23Boots (Paws 2 Freedom) 2.18.23Steele Sterling Salem 1.30.23Hazyl 2.09.23Casey with Abigale Grace and Brody 1.16.23Athena 1.17.23Pancake 1.12.23Luke and Louie 1.12.23Lola Levi Opal Scar Vanya Maisie Maggie AmosSydney Memphis Louise Tequila Lt Dan Mogwai Lacey 10.30.22Winston and Willow 10.15.22Peanut (14) 4.23.22Peanut Butter 4.23.22Loki 2.28.22Lily Hurley Poppy Arya Roxy Momma Peanut Marcella Teddy Dobby Dunny 2.10.22 2.27.22 3.06.22Rosie 12.11.21Ada 9.19.21Chester 7.11.21Apollo 6.12.21