DIY Wedding with Rustic Flair | DIY Wedding Ideas | The Paper Walrus

I don't know one person, especially a bride, who doesn't love Etsy. I do too. You can literally get lost there for hours looking through all the cool ideas and fun stuff to buy. I rarely have time to browse, but today I got really lucky. I stumbled upon The Paper Walrus ( Right off the bat, I love the name! But it's what Kaylie and Josh offer that has me full of delight. For us artsy types and for those couples, who want unique touches in their DIY wedding, this shop does not disappoint. Even the prices are awesome. It's everything rustic...from super cute ring pillow boxes to chalk boards and decorative shutters, there is an abundance to fill your shopping cart.

Here is a copy from their Etsy shop, and I agree completely.

♡ Welcome to The Paper Walrus; a quirky blend of vintage, rustic, whimsical nuances handmade to warm the heart. ♡

And of course a few samples... With Kaylie and Josh's permission, I downloaded these from their storefront on Etsy.


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