New Wedding Albums | The Digital Matted Album

I will try my best to describe how absolutely stunning these new options are. I received my sample earlier today. My jaw dropped, and I couldn't close my mouth. I stared. I got goose bumps. I jumped around. I grabbed whoever was in the house and showed them the sample over and over. This album incorporates some of my images and shows the different types of the digitally matted designs. There are also frosted pages, engraved names, and luxurious linings. This level of thrill in a new product is very rare. I am very excited to share some of the photos her with you, and I am looking forward to showing the sample to potential clients and those couples who will be getting their 2013 albums.

The cover can be all leather as well. It is soft and so wonderful to tough. This cream one is absolutely gorgeous. The engraving would show the names and the date beautifully. It is almost 3-D, and you can feel the texture with your fingers.

This is the inside cover lining. It can also have the names or the date printed on the inside right. The linings are absolutely stunning. There are silvers, golds, about 15 different colors, and mattes as well.

On the left page is one of the classic choices of digital mats. On the right page is a full photo covered here by a transparent page. The transparent paper, as you see, can also have names or date or even a quote printed. It adds such a refined look.


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